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Ways COVID-19 Has Changed the POC

The healthcare landscape has changed in response to COVID-19 and HCPs are adapting their practices in different ways as a result. The InStep Health team of Physician Liaisons surveyed over 250 practices across the US in four different specialties to understand how the COVID-19 epidemic is affecting HCPs and the patients they serve.

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MM&M eBook: Point of Care at a Tipping Point

Pharmacies provide such a wide range of healthcare services today that they’re more than “drug stores.” They’re becoming mini-healthcare malls. They’re facilitating a wider range of meaningful, contextual conversations about healthcare with patients in the pharmacy.

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Behind the Health Care Revolution

We are in the midst of a healthcare revolution. As a result, the long-established faces of Point of Care—especially doctor’s offices—are changing. In increasing numbers, they are being replaced to appeal to empowered patients who seek more control over their overall medical care.

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The New Healthcare Hub

Pharmacies are reasserting their traditional role as a central resource for comprehensive education and care delivery, not just transactions. Pharmacists are providing more counseling and delivering more care services. Pharmaceutical brands are working in close concert, bringing education, engagement, and adherence messages directly to the pharmacy, where patients are not only visiting frequently, but also making informed care decisions.

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Multichannel Marketing: Focusing on a Healthcare Destination

Pharmaceutical marketers are forever on a quest to deliver relevant and useful messages to the right audience in a timely, cost-effective manner. Today’s consumers have choices about how and where they gather pertinent health information, and conversely, pharmaceutical companies have endless options on how, when, and where to reach them. The plethora of options introduces a new quandary—where to begin?

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Validating the Pharmacy's Value as a Media Channel

Effective marketing strategies typically involve the use of multiple channels to ensure that the messages reach and motivate the intended audience. Selecting the appropriate media channels for a marketing campaign is part of the art and science of marketing. Even though there are multiple options for pharmaceutical marketers to choose from, the decisions are ultimately made based on quality, not quantity.

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