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With a network of over 31,000 retail locations and 250,000 healthcare providers, we create innovative in-aisle, waiting room, exam room, and digital resources to make your brand message the center of attention for your target audience.

Media Display

InStep Health Media Display

For nearly 20 years, pharmaceutical marketers have been using InStep Health programs to engage with potential patients in the aisles of the pharmacy. Consumers pay attention to our displays because the information they find there matters to them at the times that they need it. We call it the Mindset Moment®. Take-ones, prescription savings offers, discounts, and other high-impact educational materials drive the consumer to the pharmacists or physician to find out more.

  • $8.12 average ROI


average script lift

Activation Bag

InStep Health Patient Activation Bags

When a consumer visits a care provider, they’re taking the next step to finding a solution. At this critical point, you can give your Rx or OTC brand a dose of credibility with InStep Health patient activation bags.

Care providers opt-in to offer InStep Health patient activation bags filled with relevant samples, incentives, and educational materials because they want to add value and convenience to their care. Our data-driven targeting allows you to customize your program by medical specialty, disease state, demographic, geography, and proximity to retailer – so you will reach your target consumer with precision and efficiency. Plus, having your product physician-endorsed creates a connection of trust that’s immeasurable.

  • 9 of 10 consumers say they will purchase a product recommended by their provider


brand engagements
each year

Digital Access

Addressable Digital

InStep Health has created a digital-to-physical continuum that allows microtargeted campaigns to reach the right patients as they journey from home to the local pharmacy to their doctor’s appointments in the normal course of maintaining their health. As always, campaign metrics are provided by third-party analytic resources. We are committed to transparent measurement through audience quality audits, campaign Rx lift studies, and next-level analysis.

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  • Data-driven digital campaigns from InStep Health identify, locate, and activate target audiences while ensuring HIPAA compliance


Number of medical claims we leverage to create custom targeting algorithms

Get started reaching patients, healthcare consumers, and HCPs throughout the continuum of care.

Case Studies

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Doninant Marketing

Dominant Marketing Tactic

Selecting Rx EDGE as the dominant marketing tactic generated $5.51 - $11+ in ROI for pharma brands in diverse therapeutic categories.

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Non Insulin Injectable

Non-Insulin Injectable

Non-insulin injectable diabetes brand appealed to patients who were not getting needed control from an oral medication, achieving $24.00+ ROI.

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For vaccine brands, pharmacies are a superior platform for driving awareness of risk factors and immunization benefits.

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