Keeping you connected

Keeping you connected

Delivering your most effective and efficient brand message means reaching consumers and healthcare providers, when and where it matters most. Making connections. Sparking conversations. Empowering better choices. From the doctor’s office to the pharmacy aisle — and every point in between — InStep Health puts you at the center of their individual experience (we call this iX) to keep your products top of mind.

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Retail Locations

Practitioner's Offices


Practitioner’s Offices

Healthcare Providers


Healthcare Providers

  • "The pharmacy is a hidden gem for marketers. This is the front line to our patients, and InStep Health has done an amazing job of bringing that to life for us."

    Account Director


  • "We were very happy with the results we obtained from the InStep Health activation bag. We saw an increase in brand recommendations for both advertised brands, at 19% and 26% respectively."

    Senior Brand Manager

    Consumer Healthcare

  • "One of our highest measurable ROI efforts. It's an efficient way to directly reach a large population of our target audience and engage them fully with branded messaging."

    Marketing Director

    Eye Care - Pharmaceutical

Powerful partnerships

The most powerful partnership you can have is with a company that’s been there before, and delivered consistently. With the breadth of industries we serve and our holistic approach to engagement, we’ve helped countless clients stay in step with consumers and patients throughout their entire wellness path.

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Our New Company: Taking the Next Step in the Healthcare Marketing Evolution


May 27, 2020

Our New Company: Taking the Next Step in the Healthcare Marketing Evolution

It feels like we have undergone a profound amount of change in such a short period of time, both as a world and as a company.

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Ways COVID-19 Has Changed the POC

We surveyed over 250 HCPs in multiple specialties to discover the impact that COVID-19 was having on their practices.

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