MMM Takeaways

5 Favorite Takeaways from the 2018 Transforming Healthcare Conference

June 21, 2018 | Kathleen Bonetti

If you happened to miss the Transforming Healthcare Conference this year, don’t worry! MM&M created an ebook of takeaways for attendees and as we were a proud sponsor this year, we’ve compiled our favorite takeaways. Consider this your guide to the…


Healthcare Hub

Meet the New “Healthcare Hub”

There's a lot of talk recently about the pharmacy transformation. More than a fleeting phenomenon, the concept of pharmacies as a central hub for comprehensive education and care delivery (not just transactions) is becoming the norm. Nationwide, pharmacies are rapidly returning to their roots…

Time for Some Reflection

  Four weeks ago I walked into the Rx EDGE office ready to begin the first day of my new internship, and frankly I was nervous. I was reminded about an old episode of the TV show “Scrubs” that deals with…

Two Hours of Media Inspiration

In late March, Rx EDGE hosted a Leadership Exchange roundtable moderated by Medical Marketing & Media. The topic was  “Making it into the Plan: Media Decisions”.  When I mentioned to my younger son that I was attending a Leadership Exchange,…

A Dynamic Duo

What do you get when you bring together a pharmacist and pharmacy expert? You get an exceptional “meeting of the minds” to deliver a presentation on understanding the pharmacy’s role in promoting patient engagement and education for medication adherence. I…