Giving Thanks for My Return to Pharma

As I look back on 2019 there is a lot to be grateful for, and I wanted to take a moment to reflect on a decisive shift in my career. This past year I made the conscious decision to come back to pharma, and I am so thankful to be working in this dynamic industry again! Although there are many more, here are the top five reasons that I appreciate being back here today…

  1. For me it’s truly personal, I have people in my life who are very close to me that must deal with the complications of chronic illness. Part of my role here at Rx EDGE is to read up on and be smart about Rx treatments so that when I reach out to pharma clients and their Agency partners,  I have a basic knowledge of their brand (including the disease it treats) and how it connects to what I am offering @ Rx EDGE. (Rx EDGE engages consumers at the pharmacy AND uses digital media to deliver messages to potential patients along their healthcare paths and daily lives.) All this knowledge helps me personally, as I talk to nurses and doctors, I find I know about the various medications they are talking about and what questions to ask! And underscores for me that the industry I work in is helping people and making a difference in their lives.

Me and my Dad

  1. Professionally, it has been so amazing to reconnect with old friends in this industry. It is fun to reach out to old colleagues and clients and hear all the amazing things they’ve been working on and what they have accomplished. @RJ Lewis – to think we were assistant AEs back in the day together! Keeping up and getting back in touch with “old” friends has made all the difference being back in this industry.

RJ and I

  1. Technology has come a long way! The data, insights and measurability of all of the marketing tactics is game changing. No more guessing if it will work – it’s measurable. In many ways Rx EDGE is ahead of the industry with a 3rd party measuring and reporting program results. It’s been fascinating to learn about the new ways that other companies are rethinking the way they gauge success using more quantifiable metrics.
  1. The art of marketing still matters. Working with Agency partners and clients on finding insights and marketing hunches is invigorating work, but the fun now is executing on that insight or hunch with a measurable program. When the hunch proves to render great ROI – that’s exhilarating.


  1. I work with a great company, Rx EDGE – I am grateful to be with a smart group of people who value their work, delivering great products and truly do care about their employees. I am even more proud to be back in Pharma with them as my colleagues.  

Best wishes for a wonderful Thanksgiving with family and friends. We all have much to be thankful for!