Store Lists Help You Get on the ‘Nice List’

The heart of media planning involves first determining who the most likely prospective consumers are, and then establishing where best to reach and engage with them.  In the case of pharmacy marketing programs, the retail pharmacies themselves are the main communication delivery platform.  Selecting the right stores is an important step toward making sure that brand messages reach the largest and most relevant audience of potential patients.

Just as it is with television, print, online, and other media forms, long gone are the days of one size fits all. Customization now prevails. With this new era of customization and patient-centricity come a number of challenges. For pharmaceutical marketers, audience targeting is on the top of that list. Honing in on the right people is key. This is where a data-driven store list plays a critical role.

Store lists help target the right retail pharmaciesIf you think that a store list is just a generic series of store locations, you’d be wrong. It’s far from it, in fact. A wide array of criteria can be used to make it unique, depending on brand needs. Designated market area positioning, specific retailers, OTC sales data, value of store Rx sales, demographic and geographic specifications can all be utilized to generate the optimal store list. Not since Santa’s ‘Naughty or Nice List’ has this level of targeting been seen. With strategic implementation, not only will you be on the ‘Nice List’, but your communications will reach the most relevant audience, insuring a successful program.


What targeting criteria will be on your store list?

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