Doing our part

Those of us who work in medical marketing are used to acting as the conduit for pharma brands to educate patients and consumers with factual health information they need to be informed consumers and start a conversation with their doctor about treatment options. With the onset of a global pandemic, that need doesn’t go away. 

What does this mean for us? 

Information is power.  This is what we tell pharma marketers and consumers all the time – because it is true.  The channels of communication that we have developed have been so successful because they work. They deliver critical health information to the right audience when they want it.  We need to continue this communication to educate the public on facts critical to health management.

As all-consuming as COVID-19 seems, and rightfully so, it doesn’t erase other health challenges patients and consumers are experiencing.  Patients still need to manage and treat other health conditions and they need tools and information before, during, and after their interactions with healthcare providers.  

As the continuum of care shifts and adjusts to the uncertainties of a stressed and over-burdened health system, we will be nimble and continue to evaluate our methods to ensure that patients have access to the information they need—whether that is in the pharmacy, the doctor’s office, or through digital means.