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Target Practice? Try Target Execution

January 27, 2017 | John O'Dea

Set your marketing phasers to stun, because our targeting will give you “stunning” results. Rx EDGE is comprised of a huge network of pharmacies throughout the United Stated across multiple retailers. For pharmaceutical marketers, this means access to prospective patients…



Path to Sales Impact

  Stepping Stone: Awareness Generating awareness for a pharmaceutical brand and acquiring new patients are always top priorities for brand managers. Generating responses to offers, website visits, call-ins to pharma toll free numbers, FaceBook likes, or Twitter followers can all be…

OTCs: Openly-Trusted-by-Consumers

The OTC aisles of the retail pharmacy are filled with health conscious people looking to self-treat common conditions. A recent study conducted on behalf of the CHPA (Consumer Healthcare Products Association) from Edelman Berland provides more insight. Their study found that…

Follow the Yellow Brick Road to a Successful Program

Solutions at the Shelf™ is a targeted, efficient way to deliver healthcare communications to consumers. Through information dispensers delivered in the aisles of the retail pharmacy, pharmaceutical brands can execute programs in geographic markets that fit their strategy and utilize…