A special honor at DTC Point of Care National

DTC conference thought bubble
I think we can all agree that there is nothing quite like knowing you’ve done a good job. Our many case studies prove just that; you can find them all here on our website. We’ve achieved a mountain of great results for pharmaceutical brands across multiple categories; you can read all about them in the Spotlight on Results section of our media kit. More times than we could ever count, we’ve also heard directly from the people we work with, commending the consistent efficiency and effectiveness of our pharmacy programs.

The case studies, results analyses, and words of praise in client meetings are all wonderful things because they confirm just how powerful Rx EDGE initiatives can be. But case studies and results summaries are words-on-paper. And the accolades we hear in meetings are not necessarily heard by or shared with a large audience.

So this past week, we were fortunate to receive praise on a more public stage – at the DTC Point of Care National conference in Baltimore. The Director of Consumer Marketing for Allergan’s Dry Eye franchise, Dawn Koffler, gave a presentation about how the RESTASIS marketing team leveraged Rx EDGE programs to educate and motivate consumers to talk to their eye doctor about chronic dry eye disease, creating a significant lift in Rx sales.DTC POC logo

Addressing key brand goals:  disease awareness, doctor/patient communication
Dawn related the challenges that the brand faced in such areas as disease awareness, doctor/patient communication, screening, treatment expectations, and medication counseling. She then discussed the ways that Rx EDGE was able to help the brand address all of these challenges. DTC conference attendees were treated to a detailed and historical view of the RESTASIS and Rx EDGE collaboration: the extensive geographical and targeting strategies applied, design elements of the Rx EDGE dispensing device, information delivered in the patient materials, research methodology, and results. Her presentation also illuminated the value of the pharmacy as a point-of-care communication channel and the significant audience that can be reached there. She pointed out that while the doctor’s office typically comes to mind first when you think of “point of care”, its main function is in diagnosis and follow-up, typically associated with adherence. The pharmacy, on the other hand, is where the pre-diagnosed or already-diagnosed seek solutions or pick up their remedies, making it better equipped for acquisition purposes or for re-engaging people.

The talk concluded with a look ahead to future plans and  a summary of practical ideas and strategies for connecting with patients through the pharmacy channel. Overall, her presentation highlighted the importance of at-shelf pharmacy programs in the overall media mix.

It was a great pleasure to be there in the audience among our industry peers, hearing our results brought to life in such an enthusiastic and meaningful way. I know I’m a bit biased, BUT I don’t think any other topic at the DTC conference drew as much positive attention!